Once you grow a beard, you will find that beard oil is a quintessential part of your daily grooming supplies, and applying beard oil can really make your beard look and feel much better. Many people might not fully understand how to use beard oil, but we have done some in-depth research to help you get the best use out of the product and to show you the right way that you should go about applying it.

Beard oil is quite an expensive supply for those with longer and more cared-for beards, but it certainly is something that you should look to buy if you plan on rocking that long beard and attracting the ladies. Beards also give some general sort of style, and they have definitely been reintroduced as fashion statements in recent years.

Beard oil should also be used often, and it is simple. This detailed guide will show you the right way to go about applying beard oil and getting the best use out of each bottle without wasting too much. We will help you get that stylish and desired look.

Choosing the right beard oil for you

With so many brands of beard oil available, it can be quite a daunting prospect to choose the best beard oil, especially if you are not yet comfortable with the ingredients and you are worried about potential allergic reactions. There are a few things that we think you should consider when you are choosing beard oil, and these factors will help ensure that you do get the best possible value for your money.

  • Ingredients: When you are buying beard oil, you will most likely spend a lot of time focusing on the ingredients. Many people do have allergic reactions to beard oil, and this can definitely be a little problematic and even cause a rash on the skin. The ingredients that we generally recommend are herbal, which will not only give a natural smell but also minimize the chances of having any additional problems so that your beard will be glowing and looking healthy.
  • Scents: Beard oils do come with various scents that you can choose from, and once you do have the scent you like, and you are sure of the ingredients, you will have that natural manly smell. We also do recommend that you consider maybe purchasing two different scents to vary them and use some of the stronger, more delicate scents for special occasions.
  • Weight: Yes, beard oil can also have its own weight, and it does make a huge difference in the look that you will be portraying. The heavier beard oils sometimes give off a greasy look, and this could cause too much shine under the lights as well. When selecting beard oil, be sure to find something lighter that should help you avoid that greasy look that could spoil the date and even stain your expensive suit.
  • Nourishment: Finally, you will not only have to check the ingredients for allergens but also for nourishment and nutritional value. A healthy beard is the result of a good diet and good nutritional value. Ingredients like grape seed and honey will not only keep your beard feeling good but also will ensure that your beard is healthy and the hair is growing at a rapid pace.

We consider these factors to be the most important when it comes to selecting the right beard oil for your beard. Many people might argue that the size of the beard is also fundamentally important, and while we do agree to some extent, we do not feel that it is as fundamentally important as these features. However, with a longer beard, you might use more beard oil than someone with a shorter beard.

We would also like to mention that heavier oils are not completely bad, and when you look at something like Deep Woods, you will find that it does work perfectly for longer beards of 1.5 inches or more and will not make the beard feel all that oily and heavy. We do, however, recommend that you make sure that your beard is the right size for the oil that you plan on using.

How beard oil should be used

If you are sporting a beard and thought to yourself that you could simply go out, buy any bottle of beard oil, and start rubbing it onto your beards, you might be better off continuing to read to ensure that you know how beard oil should be applied the right way. The steps are not all that complicated, but it is recommended that you follow them to get the best results for your beard.

  • Shower and ensure your beard is clean

Let’s be honest, the mere thought of beard oil mixing with sweat is enough to make someone puke, and it certainly does not work well together. A dirty beard is not meant for beard oil, and if you haven’t invested in a shampoo for your beard, we recommend that you try and find an ideal shampoo to keep your beard clean.

Before thinking about applying beard oil, it is really important that you ensure your beard is clean. In order to do that, you will need to thoroughly wash it a few times to get all of the sweat and bacteria out of the hair. We also recommend that you apply beard oil directly after you have cleaned your beard for the best results.

  • Ensure you know the right dosage required for your beard

My beard and your beard will not necessarily require the same amount of beard oil, and luckily for you, the manufacturers do state how much beard oil should be applied. To help save you a few bucks, you might also want to go with fewer drops at first to test the heaviness and to see the effects of the beard oil on your skin.

The longer your beard, the more beard oil will be required, but if you have chosen a heavier beard oil, you could get away with the same amount to have that stylish and classy bearded look. For this phase, we recommend doing additional research on beard oil for every beard size or to find out from the manufacturer how much beard oil it recommends for your size of beard. Grooming stores will also help you get the answer.

  • The application process

After all of those pre-steps, you are finally ready to apply the beard oil. We recommend doing this by rubbing the oil in your hands until the fingers and the palm area are fully covered with the oil. Next, you should rub the oil onto your face, ensuring every part of the face is covered and make sure that the oil reaches every part of the beard.

We recommend starting out on the sides of the beard and slowly working your way to the inside until your entire beard has been covered in the oil. One of the secrets that many people forget or neglect is to rub the oil a little deeper and allow it to touch the skin. The oil can also be rubbed into the skin, as the minerals and vitamins will help the hair grow out stronger and will keep your skin from drying out since it is not that easy to apply moisturizer with a beard.

Lastly, you should move to the mustache if you have one. The mustache requires the least amount of oil, and you could even skip it from time to time. Oiling up the mustache might sometimes look a little greasy, but if you can limit the amount of oil applied, you will certainly be getting the best look for your mustache as well.

  • Style the beard with a beard comb

Any comb will probably do the trick, but a beard comb is specifically designed to brush through a beard with ease. After you have applied the beard oil and your beard is all over the place, you should brush it with your beard comb to keep it looking stylish. The beard comb can also be replaced by your fingers, but this could make the styling process a little harder.

The shape of your beard can also become like your signature look, and when you have it, you should definitely flaunt it and make sure that no one can judge your beard for not being up to the standards.

Additional tips when it comes to using beard oil

The aforementioned tips for applying beard oil are the right way to do it, and you can be sure that you will be getting the best value for your money out of each bottle. We do have a few additional tips that could save you a little time as well when you need to apply beard oil.

  • Get a small pocket shampoo for your beard

If you find yourself struggling with keeping your beard in shape and cleaning it, or if you are working tough shifts that keep you away from home, we recommend that you keep a small shampoo in your pocket. Washing your beard is a very fast process, and as long as you have access to water or even a tub, you could quickly wash the beard and dry it out a little before applying beard oil.

This tip should also be great for those who are living in a constant rush, and how cool would it be to do your beard or keep it in shape before every meeting while you are at the office? The mini pocket shampoo will be great for keeping the beard in shape whenever that unexpected meeting arises.

  • Moisturizer can still be used

Many people believe that if they are using beard oil, they cannot use moisturizer as well, but that is certainly not the case. Beard oil is great for keeping the beard healthy and full of nutrients, but because the hair does use a lot of these nutrients, you might be neglecting the skin underneath. This is where moisturizer comes in. We recommend that you choose a moisturizer lower in oil count to ensure that you do avoid having that greasy look and feeling. Moisturizer is fundamentally important for the skin.

Final Thoughts

We are sure that after reading this article, you know that using beard oil is not a rocket science. As is the case with any other vanity product, you just have to use the right amount in a proper way. If you follow the right procedure, you will get that shiny and sexy beard in no time. You just have to make sure that you allow some time from your super busy schedule to take care of your precious facial hair.

We would like to thank you for reading this article, and we certainly do hope that you now have a better understanding of how you should use beard oil. Beard oil might not be a very intricate thing, but it will certainly help to use it the right way if you plan on getting the best results and the best value for your money.

We would also like you to let us know in the comment section if we might have missed any important steps that you do follow when you are applying beard oil and also to let us know a few of your favorite brands so we could help you to find them and make a few additional and similar suggestions to help you get the best possible beard you could have.