Finding the right product for our hair, face, and even beard can be very difficult as we tend to be meticulous when it comes to products that we use and apply on our body. In the area of beard product, one brand is starting to make a name and it is Prophet and Tools.

Prophet and Tools is a new brand in the Men’s Care section that produces products that take care of men’s beard. They specialize in beard and want to make sure that men will be able to wear them easily and stunningly every day.

Taking care of our body parts, including our beard, is not a game to bet on or a trial and error to see what is best for us. Prophet and Tools introduces itself as a great option in the area of Men’s Care, specifically for beard or the facial hair.


  • Prophet and Tools Beard Oil and other products are custom-made using high quality materials and ingredients
  • This is a great beard oil product that is affordable unlike the leading brands in the market
  • Prophet and Tools Beard Oil is ideal for everyday use as it can help smoothen and soften your rough or coarse beard
  • The Premium Beard Oil product by Prophet and Tools also keeps the beard hydrated, which adds to its ability to keep your beard soft and smooth; this in turn will make it easy for you to fix and style your beard as necessary
  • Prophet and Tools Beard Oil also prevents the buildup on dandruff, also known bear-druff, thus removing or preventing any itchy feeling around the bearded area of your face
  • The Premium Beard Oil product by Prophet and Tools is made of 100% natural oils and vitamins that are safe for your skin or face; the natural vitamins and oils that make up this product are Aloe Vera oil, Jojoba oil, Chamomile oil, and Vitamin E oil.
  • This product is unscented, which means that it does not contain any artificial scent or chemicals that can cause damage to your beard and skin
  • The product featured here comes with a free pocket beard comb, which men find really useful in fixing and styling their beard on a daily basis
  • This product also comes with a free beard care ebook that men can use as a guide to properly take care of their beard


  • The Premium Beard Oil of Prophet and Tools understands the needs of men’s beard around the world; hence it is expected to meet and satisfy the requirements of most men out there
  • It has softening and smoothing capabilities which are beneficial to your skin and beard
  • The product also has hydration feature which helps to soften your beard for easy styling as needed
  • This product boast of its features and assures its consumers of their beard oil’s effectiveness by offering 100% money back guarantee


  • While some appreciate that this product comes unscented, some customers look at this as a disadvantage
  • One customer review states that this product is not really unscented as it advertises it to be


This product is not only great for your beard, it also is a gift for yourself as it comes with freebies that other brands in the market do not have. The product featured here is a complete men care package for your everyday styling.

It comes with a free comb that is very durable and can come very handy when you need it. This beard oil also comes with an ebook containing everything you need to know about your beard and how to take care of it.

Indeed, this product by Prophet and Tools is not an ordinary beard oil product. It was well thought of product to meet your bear’s requirements and satisfaction. It is a great product to use to treat split ends and eliminate flakiness on the bearded area of your face.

This premium beard oil does not cause any skin irritation and promotes healthier beard for faster growth. Because of its natural vitamin components, it can be safely used as an alternative treatment for your dry scalp.

Moreover, this premium beard oil by Prophet and Tools does not contain any damaging alcohol or preservatives that could damage your beard or hair and can lead to skin irritation. It is definitely made from premium quality materials and ingredients for your ultimate safety. It also comes in a very easy to use packaging for its clients’ convenience.