It is no secret that beards are on the rise, but with great power comes great responsibility. Even though beards may provide a nice aesthetic to your overall look, beards can sometimes be a little irritating from hair growth. Itchiness is one of the main downsides of having a beard, but, have no fear “easybeardcare” is here. [A little cheesy I know.] So, how to keep my beard from itching?

What Causes Itching & Irritation?

Follicle growth can cause beard itching, leaving the skin irritated. This is common, though; even though it may bother you a lot. Many men end up giving up on their beards because of this irritation. 

One of the leading causes is lack of hydration. The use of conventional hair shampoos or certain types of soap can dry the skin on the face, removing natural moisture. Thus, the skin can become more sensitive and even peel off. 

What a lot of people think is dandruff in their beard is nothing but parched skin. Besides, dead cells and dirt accumulated in the beard, which can also cause this itch, especially when the skin is more sensitive due to lack of hydration. 

The very shape of the beard hair when trimmed is another reason for itching. When you shave with a razor, the hair is cut at an angle where it looks like a pointed needle. Meaning, as it grows, the hair tends to bend and scratch the skin of the face. 

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How To Keep My Beard From Itching; Tips

1.Clean Your Beard and Face

The first tip on how to keep your beard from itching is to wash your face and beard well. This is the starting point for getting rid of irritation and itching. Always try to use a beard-specific shampoo. Conventional hair shampoos are not good to use on the face. This is because they contain surfactants that remove moisture from the skin. 

A shaving shampoo is lighter and regulated to clean and moisturize both the beard and the skin beneath it. Furthermore, they help to remove dead cells and clear the way for new beard hair to grow freely without getting stuck or inflamed, use a facial scrub at least twice a week. You don’t need a beard though, to clean your face. Cleaning your face even when you are freshly shaven will not only help when you DO have a beard, it is just an overall good practice of hygiene. As stated above, facial scrubs also help with this.


Moisturizing the beard is vital so that the hair becomes softer and does not scratch the face so much. If your beard is shorter, you can go straight from cleaning to a moisturizing shave balm, preferably with a lighter, non-greasy formula. Good balms contain moisturizing oils in the formula like tea tree oil, which helps to prevent itching and irritation and soothe the skin. 

If your beard is longer, your beard may need more intense hydration. In this case, it is cool to use a shaving conditioner right after shampooing. The conditioner usually has the opposite electrostatic charge as the shampoo. This causes it to seal the scales of the wires, making them softer and more aligned. 

After washing and lightly drying your face, apply a few drops of shaving oil from root to tip. The oil moisturizes and softens both facial skin and hair and creates a protective film that prevents dryness throughout the day. A good beard balm or oil is vital in this stage. Drinking plenty of water is also key to hydration. 


How To Stop Beard From Itching

Combing your beard throughout the day has major advantages: Firstly, you avoid fidgeting with your hand. Over-stirring can damage and, in some cases, even cause split ends.

Other than that combing helps remove dead cells and any other dirt while aligning the strands and massaging the face reducing the chance of ingrown hairs.

Give preference to non-electrostatic wood combs that avoid frizz. In addition to frizz, no one likes to be shocked. 

This makes it much easier to grow a beard without itching. Of course, if your beard continues with some irritation or itching, the cause may be different, so it is advisable to consult a good dermatologist. You can also comb your beard wax through your beard. 

4. Use tweezers to remove ingrown hairs. 

Use tweezers to remove ingrown hairs, which often cause itching. Another way to prevent an itchy beard is to switch to an electric shaver. Keep your beard well maintained and kept up to date, and your itching will begin to disappear. 


In conclusion 

How to keep my beard from itching? There are many daily tips you can add to your daily routine that will help mitigate the risks of an itchy beard.

Itchy beards are more common than you might think. It appears mainly at the beginning of the growth process. After all, who never tried to grow a beard and gave up halfway through because of the itching?

For all the above steps, you can use shampoos and conditioners, with ingredients such as olive oil, aloe Vera, witch hazel, and thyme, which specifically take care of each type of skin and hair.

Beard itching can also be a sign of a much deeper issue, such as an infection. If you believe that there is something wrong with your skin, do not be afraid to consult a professional, such as a dermatologist. 

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